Two-factor Authentication and Your Mobile Phone

Two-factor Authentication was first patented in 1984 and it has evolved over the years from using credit card size devices that generated ID numbers to using one’s mobile phone.  It is a system that helps protect your privacy. Facebook users can enable two-factor authentication system to  generate a random password in order to login using a new device. This system helps prevent unauthorized access because it requires a code generated by a device which “should” be in the hands of its owner.

Let’s see what the future holds for protecting our privacy.

Bill Gate Shares His Thoughts on Open Source Software

Bill Gates shared his evolving thoughts about open source software, a.k.a. free software that is development and maintained by a community of passionate individuals,  in Reddit AMA.

It’s great to see how his thoughts have changed over the years on open source software as it has been beneficial to many individuals and organizations.  With Bill Gates having a more compassionate view of software development, one must wonder what is next in the IT industry.

A Modern Website with A Touch of Vintage

Once in a while you come across a website that takes you back to the early days of the “world wide web”,  now referred to as the “net” and other monikers. is one of those websites that have clip art from the 1990’s to the Google search widget plugin that completes that feel of past to present day tech trends. The only thing missing are the social media buttons, such as Facebook and Twitter, to share the site with others.

Visit the site’s information page to learn more about the author, then visit her blog to learn more about her.  It contains the social media buttons and other apps used to share information.

:D – Emojicode, New Programming Language

I remember learning BASIC programming in high school, then Visual Basic in college and others over the years from Python to C#. Now, we have Emojicode.

It is always great to see a new programming language for us to learn. This one is unique and has its advantages, such as fast run time and small size of 100 kilobytes. Plus, it uses Emojis to for organizing the program.

Download the SDK at GitHub and read more from  Gabriela Motroc.


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