Happy World Backup Day!

Today is World Backup Day.  Data is an essential part of our modern lives with family photos on our smartphones (Less in hard copy formats – 4X6 printouts, etc.) to reviewing our bank statements (Miss the days of waiting for it to arrive in your mailbox?).  Visit the World Backup Day website to learn more about it and take the pledge.  Don’t wait for your hard drive to fail are you or your smartphone to damaged, before visiting the PC Mag to pick an online backup services from their list.

What’s your name? It could break a computer.

The BBC recently posted a report on some names, such as Null or Keihanaikukauakahihulihe’ ekahaunaele, which affect programs from bank software to driver licenses because they contain either too many characters or use a reserved word or keyword (null, bool, etc. depending on the programming language).

Individuals with those names often have to take a few more steps when opening a new bank account or apply for a driver’s license.

Fortunately,  WC3 has opened a discussion about this topic for standardization.


Thinking About Placing Ads in Your Website?

Placing an ad on your site can generate some income and add content to your site, but it can expose your visitors to unrelated content or malicious ads.
An article recently describes how some big companies, such as The New York Times, the BBC, and MSN, were targeted by malicious ads that encrypted visitor’s computers until they bought a key to unlock it (ransomware).

There are plugins, such as AdBlocker, that will block a majority of ads and help protect you from unwanted content. It is one that I use and it’s very effective at removing ads.

Two-factor Authentication and Your Mobile Phone

Two-factor Authentication was first patented in 1984 and it has evolved over the years from using credit card size devices that generated ID numbers to using one’s mobile phone.  It is a system that helps protect your privacy. Facebook users can enable two-factor authentication system to  generate a random password in order to login using a new device. This system helps prevent unauthorized access because it requires a code generated by a device which “should” be in the hands of its owner.

Let’s see what the future holds for protecting our privacy.

Bill Gate Shares His Thoughts on Open Source Software

Bill Gates shared his evolving thoughts about open source software, a.k.a. free software that is development and maintained by a community of passionate individuals,  in Reddit AMA.

It’s great to see how his thoughts have changed over the years on open source software as it has been beneficial to many individuals and organizations.  With Bill Gates having a more compassionate view of software development, one must wonder what is next in the IT industry.