Return of the Bots in Online Ticket Sales

Have you ever tried buying tickets to a concert or other event only to discover they were sold out within minutes? You might have been waiting by your computer to click the “buy” button minutes before the sale,  but you might have experienced a bot or bots buying tickets only to resell them on other sites.

More details about this story can be found at NPR.

New Era in Computer Accessibility – the C.H.I.P.

NPR recently had a report on a computer that cost U.S. $9 for a CPU from Next.Thing.Co.  and the possibilities it opens up for new innovation is very exciting.  It will allow access to an open-source platform of hardware and software in education and creative individuals that were once held back by high costs and rigid frameworks.

I once joked about a future where computers would be so inexpensive that we would purchase them as we would incandescent light bulbs.   Now, that future is fast approaching as the C.H.I.P. will ship out in June of 2016.

GET CHIP! from Next Thing Co. on Vimeo.



Happy Birthday Wikipedia!

Let’s us all wish Wikipedia a happy birthday as it turns 15 years old this week. It has come a long way from its early days when I was in my undergraduate studies. It continued to mature and improve through my graduate studies and beyond. It’s great to see it is still around and wish it success on its platform for free information supported by the community. Thank you!

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